Best Electric Can Openers Reviews

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If you do not like to waste time or sweat the fat drop trying to open the cans with the annoying manual devices, then your salvation is the best electric can opener that you can find in the market.

These devices are extremely useful, not only to avoid wasting time, but also helps you if you have limited strength or suffer from any ailment such as rheumatism or arthritis as it prevents efforts and joint stiffness.

Having at home a team of these will ensure you can open even the toughest cans without much effort and in a safe way.

If you definitely want to buy you must first make a test of what your priorities are. There are singles that only fulfill a function, but you will also find them multipurpose that even work as corkscrews, so you should have this clear to acquire the one that suits you best.

What is the best electric can opener?

Among the available offer you can find a diverse number of models. To choose one, the most advisable thing is that you establish a comparison of price, brand, characteristics, qualities and so you can make an adjusted decision.

Looking at the comments and the opinion of those who have already bought is not a bad idea either. For now, to try to help you, here we leave you our selection, hoping that here you will find exactly what you are looking for.

1. Morphy Richards 46718 multifunction opener

With a robust and compact presentation, the Morphy Richards model offers you this can opener with a function to also open lids, jars and plastic containers.

It is an electric model suitable for the dishwasher and with an anti-slip handle that will make the process of opening the cans faster, easier and more reliable.

It is affordable and users consider it a good team. As a disadvantage, it has to be said that it comes with an American connection.

2. Electric Opener Rommelsbacher DO 65

Designed with a stainless steel housing and a modern sturdy platform, this automatic can opener has a magnetic cap holder.

It is something big, able to open bottles and sharpen knives and is only suitable for cans of up to 850 grams.

It is expensive, but it is an easy to use, very durable and lightweight device, so if you like this one, and money is not a problem, then maybe it is an option to consider.

3. Electric Opener Severin DO 3854

This simple electric model is the least expensive of the selection. It has removable top that facilitates cleaning, is easy to maintain and cuts without sharp edges.

It is a lightweight device, easy to use, compact, small, very portable and made with German quality technology.

It has magnetic lid support and works with a power of 25 watts. Those who already have it claim that it works correctly and fulfills what it promises.

4. One Touch Opener

If you were looking for a device that allows you to open cans without major problems and with the minimum effort, this opens boxes of batteries is the most appropriate that you can find.

Open the containers automatically and keep your hands free. That the device indicated if you suffer from ailments, for example, helps with arthritis.

It is economical and those who already have it consider that it is a great invention, comfortable and ergonomic that even exceeds expectations.

5. BangRui electric can opener

Designed with good quality materials, this intelligent device operates with an innovative system capable of opening cans of any size.

It works automatically, it is quite reliable, you will not be cut. It is certified by security standards of the European Union.

It is low price and works with batteries. It has a magnet integrated in the lid and keeps your food clean. It is suitable for ambidextrous and automatically rotates 360 degrees. It’s all an acquisition and it’s cheap.

Types of electric can openers

The great advantage provided by electric can openers is that you do not need to be super heroes with extra strength to use them. Of facts if you are people with ailments of arthritis or limited strength, this is a great option. In fact, among the available offer you will find plenty of can openers with characteristics suitable to each different tastes. Here we explain them:

  • Countertop: They have strings and must be plugged in to be able to use them, sometimes those strings can be extremely short, although sufficient for work. They are called opener countertop precisely because that is where they are placed. Some old models, somewhat short, do not usually hold very large cans, however, the most recent models are larger or are more adjustable to the sizes of the cans. It uses an automatic mechanism, with a small motor in the opener that does all the work, some incorporate magnetic pieces that trap the lid of the can once opened.
  • Portable: They are usually simple and very portable, small, compact, you can take it wherever you want and store it in a suitcase. They are usually electric, however, you will also find battery-powered wireless versions, ideal for those trips on the beach, camp or excursion. They come in innumerable styles.
  • Under the cabinet: As the name implies, this can opener is designed to be accommodated in the lower part of your kitchen cabinet, its great advantage is that it will not occupy an extra place in your counter and you will not have to keep it and take it out in each used . They are usually multifunctional, they have can openers, bottles, jars, plastic bags. Its great disadvantage
    is, because of its location, the difficulty of cleaning. And its repair is not easy, in case something is not working well.
  • Side cut : They work by cutting the can leaving a soft and safe edge. They are good because they reduce the injuries that could be caused by the irregular edges of the lids of the cans. They are not devices with legs, so, after using them, you should keep them in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Industrial and Commercial: These are heavy and very durable models designed, as the name implies, for commercial and industrial use. They are commonly used in restaurants, food and beverage establishments, suppliers and even in dining rooms and cooking classes where countless cans can be opened daily. They are designed to withstand constant use. They are metallic, resistant to rust and work with a two-speed engine. They are not convenient for general use, they are usually very expensive and heavy. They outperform smaller models

What to look for

When selecting an electric can opener you must choose, no doubt, according to your requirements, however, there are a number of elements that are very useful in these devices and that you must take into account when buying. Here we explain it in more detail:

  • Stainless steel blades: They are durable and resistant. With them you will guarantee the functionality of your can opener for a long time because they do not rust.
  • Comfortable handle : The manual versions of electric can openers have handles that make it easy to work. Imagine that you are in the kitchen, you have a very special meal and you have to put a canned ingredient, everything boils, the ingredients are also on fire, you just need the contents of the can to cook the mixture, time runs, you can not go too far Fire, take out your can opener, but you can not have a good grip because of your hands full of variety of food. To avoid these dramas, the new manufacturers have made models of handle very ergonomic and especially non-slip to ensure comfort, grip and speed in the procedure.
  • Reasonable size: The cans do not have a standard size, you get them in miniature versions of little content and other exaggeratedly large with portions almost that for a whole battalion, therefore, the openers must fear an adequate size, or at least adjustable, for that the biggest cans can be accommodated without problems and you can open them without any kind of discomfort. The most outstanding portable models should be suitable to be placed in kitchen drawers. Do not rule out the possibility of buying a wall model or one under the counter if the space of the drawer and the countertop is short.
  • Easy to clean design: Ideally, some simple models can be easily washed or, at best, suitable for dishwashing. Those that are countertop or mounted in any part of the kitchen usually have the detachable blades for easy cleaning, others are washed by hand, simply without major problem and others are designed in such a way that they do not even touch the food so their blades They stay whole and very clean for a long time.
  • Robust construction: It must be a product according to the work you do, obviously you do not want a can opener so heavy that you can not even lift it, but they must offer you a stable, strong and resistant enough construction to not turn over when opening very large cans. High quality manual can openers can rotate and cut smoothly and smoothly even after years of use.
  • Smooth performance and low effort: Between better performance and smoothness, so much the better. It is not very helpful a device that you can not use or in which it takes you an
    eternity to open a sad can due to its hardness, which slides out to look cut or that is blocked and hinders sliding, so, you should pay attention to what they buy. Please, always make a choice that will make your life easier.
  • A cap magnet or clips: This option gives you great comfort. It is usually applied to those top-cut can openers that have legs and are not stored in the drawer. These devices have an internal magnet that keeps the lid of the can trapped, once cut and prevents them from falling into the food or into the same can. This problem of the fall of the covers usually appears in the
    lateral cut openers, they, however, have tried to correct the fault with pieces to lift the lid.

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