Best Handheld Steamers Reviews : Top 7 Handheld Steam Cleaners Reviews

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Are you looking for something to remove the embedded dirt without rubbing and in a simple way? To help you, I have created a guide with the best handheld steamers , so that cleaning your home is easy.

Top 7 Handheld Steam Cleaners Reviews


So as not to forget the model I have at home, I want to tell you about the hand-held Vaporeta from the Clatronic brand, with which I am really very happy.

Despite being a small appliance, I can assure you that you will get a lot out of it just like me. Before I had it, I thought it was not useful, but when I started using it I realized that it was something that suited me very well.

Its deposit is not very large, but in return it makes it very lightweight . What’s more, this tank fills up quickly just like the water inside it gets hot in a short time, so it really does not represent any problem for me.

Because it has a small size, it can be used without problems with just one hand, even if you do not have the habit of carrying things. It is a very light and very functional model.

If you are worried about the cable, with this vaporeta you will not have problems. It has a very long cable . You will not be told exactly how long it is, but I estimate that it will be about 5 meters. Thanks to its length, you can use it with great ease of movement.


A friend of mine bought this model and left it for me to try it. When I tried it I realized that it is a very good steamer for the price it has, hence I am not surprised that it is one of the best sellers in the main online stores.

It has a very tight size and a deposit of 0.25 liters , like the previous model, which makes it very manageable and very easy to use. To improve cleaning, has a power of 3 bars, more than enough to remove dirt without problems. If you do not remove this model, then it will be very stuck and therefore you will need a professional model.

Since it has a very small deposit, you can use it for an approximate period of 15 to 20 minutes . Once this time has passed, you will run out of water and you will have to recharge it. But the waiting time to be able to use it again is not very high. When I tried it in about 3 minutes or so I was already using it again, so your small deposit is not an impediment.

As for the cable, it is about 4 meters and has accessories to clean without problems.


If the previous models have not convinced you or want to compare between more options, this time I recommend taking into account the Comforday handheld steamer.

With this model you can remove wrinkles and stains without any chemical and without having to rub to get rid of stains.

As in other cases, the steam lasts about 15 minutes per deposit. When it’s over, you have to refill and wait a couple of minutes for the water to warm up again so you can use it.

The model has a large number of accessories to work in all kinds of jobs with the machine without problems. Depending on your needs, you must put one or another accessory. Do not forget that it is at high temperatures. You must always be very careful when changing the accessories and when using it to avoid serious burns by recklessness.


This model puts the water inside your tank at 100º so steam can come out. This way you can get clean your clothes without having to use any type of chemical.

In this case you can enjoy 3.5 bars of pressure which is not bad. This allows that in a couple of minutes or at most 3, your 22 cl deposit is ready to be used.

It is a really interesting model for its speed and especially for its long cable. If we add to this a modern design, it may be a good option to consider.

Although its price includes 9 accessories . Inside this pack you can enjoy a mouthpiece. 2 brushes, a special cloth, an angle, a universal cleaner, a window cleaner, a measuring cup and a flexible tube. With all this and the machine you can get very good results.

To get such power, the machine has 1000W of power , which will allow you to enjoy the bars mentioned above. Finally, it includes a protection to avoid overpressure. Thus the probability of suffering an accident will be very low.


I will start by highlighting this model slightly higher deposit than previous models. In this case you can enjoy a deposit of 300 ml , so you can enjoy a duration slightly longer than 15 minutes per deposit.

As it has 3 pressure bars, you can get a steam flow of 30 grams per minute. This flow will allow you to enjoy the necessary steam to work and achieve positive results.

When you run out of water in the tank, you just have to refill it again. To be able to use it again, you must wait approximately 3 minutes. Really the wait time is very short.

To facilitate movement with the machine, the Solac steam wand has an extra long cable. So you should not be hanging around the cable all the time.

Once you have finished working with it, you should only unplug the light and let it cool before cleaning it and remove any water that may have been stored in your tank. It is very important to let it cool to avoid any type of burn when handling it.


To finish I am going to recommend a model of steam that will give you very good results if you need a small model to walk around the house. If you finally buy it, you will realize that it is a very complete model despite its low price.

The price is really a bit more expensive, but in exchange you can enjoy a deposit of 360 ml. It is a bigger prdo, hence the deposit lasts about 20 minutes or so .

When I tried it, I was struck by its continuous steam flow , both at the beginning and at the end. You can always work with the same intensity, without using chemical products at any time.

If you are interested in the power, the model has 1000W, which translates into 4.5 bars.

As it has a large number of accessories, you can enjoy high quality cleaning on a large number of different surfaces and all without having to use any chemical. Wherever a dose of steam is, with the machine you will get it. If you have never tried it, you will not be disappointed.


The steamer can also be found under the name steam cleaner. Both terms are directed to the same machine.

The steamer really is an appliance that expels steam at high temperatures . This dry steam should be directed to the place where you want to remove the dirt. Thanks to the pressure and high temperatures, you can remove dirt without problems. If you have this tool, you can save a lot of effort in your daily cleaning, especially if it is quite complicated. It is a very good appliance to remove dirt from the areas to which it is very difficult to reach and especially to eliminate any type of bacteria, fungus or microbe.

Within the range of steam vessels we can find professional models and hand models or small models, these being the ones that concern us in this article.

Before using a handheld steamer

You should know that it is an ecological product that does not need any chemical to work . With just the strength of water you can enjoy very good results through steam pressure. It seems a lie, but steam is often much more powerful than chemical products to eliminate any kind of dirt.

To avoid breakdowns, you should always use it with water . You should never add soap or degreaser to the water. In such a case, the machine is most likely to break down. If the technical service realizes, it will not enter into the guarantee.

You should never use it on musical instruments or antiques. You should always use it on materials that are suitable for this type of pressure.

At the time of filling the deposit you always have to be careful to avoid any type of accident. And you should never fill the tank to the maximum, with the aim of helping to create the steam with which it will work.

What can I clean with a handheld steamer?

With this machine you can clean a lot of things. So you can get the idea, I’ll show you some of the many things you can clean in your house with this machine.

  • Tiles and or spaces between tiles.
  • The toilet.
  • You can remove the lime from the water.
  • You can eliminate dust accumulated in a fan.
  • Not only can you wash your curtains, you can also disinfect them.
  • Cages of your pets without effort.
  • The furniture of the garden.
  • Home appliances.
  • Carpets without having to take them to a dry cleaner.
  • Mattresses
  • You can disinfect the garbage cans, without touching the cube at any time.
  • Artificial plants.
  • Dry laundry.
  • Shower screens.
  • Crystals.
  • The oven.

You can use it to clean the tires of your vehicle and the engine of your car. In this last case the motor must always be cleaned very carefully. If you do not know, better look for how to clean it before getting down to work

Tips for buying the best handheld steamer

When making a purchase of a steam vessel it is important to take into account the use that is going to give it. If you are clear that you are going to use it occasionally and period of use will not exceed the time, then with a hand model will be more than enough. Personally, I recommend buying a machine that has a deposit of 200 to 400 ml . The smaller the deposit, the more manageable it will be, but in return the less duration you will have. Remember, the water recharge is very simple and in a couple of minutes you can have your machine ready to be used again until the water runs out. Now you have to see what capacity you want for your steam wand.

It is very important to look at the pressure power of the machine . If you buy a very cheap model, which does not have a lot of pressure, then you will not be able to clean it easily. Personally, I recommend buying a model that has 3 or 4 pressure bars. With this you will be more than enough to get a good cleaning in your home.

The cable is another factor to consider. If you want to have a good freedom of movement is important to acquire a model with a cable of 4 to 5 meters to avoid problems when it comes to any corner of the house.

The energy classification is a key point. Not all models have the same consumption despite having the same power. For this reason, if you have the option, look for a product classified with the letter A. Thus you can save light and therefore your electricity bill will not increase significantly.

Finally it can be interesting to see the design of the steam wand. Although this section should be the last thing in which you must fix. The important thing is to buy a quality product and not beautiful.

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